The History of Southside Baptist Church
1947 - 1947 - Rev. Sam Brazil
1948 - 1950 - Rev. Walter Stanley
1951 - 1951 - Rev. Roger Snipes
1952 - 1956 - Rev. Gene Phillips
1956 - 1966 - Rev. Ed Smithwick
1967 - 1969 - Dr. Norman Livengood
1969 - 1985 - Rev. Calvin Capps
1985 - 1990 - Dr. Steve Sells
1991 - 2005 - Rev. Steve Walsh
2006 - 2016 - Rev. Patrick Fuller
Ministry Staff:
Associate Pastors:
Sam Craven
Rodney Mitchell
Johnny Greeson
Matthew Bowden
Daryl Bryant
Jon Folsom
Ministers of Music:
Jim Degraw
Sam Riddle
Richard Peirman
Bob Myers
Don Almond
Roger King
David Linderman
Jerry Watts
Herb Meadows
Von Hohn
Chip Holden
Brian Souther
Billy Bishop
Ministers of Education:
Don Almond
David Linderman
Chip Holden
James Gunter
Ministers of Youth:
Sam Craven
Rodney Mitchell
Johnny Greeson
Matthew Bowden
Chance Walters
Craig Dunn
Wayne Anderson
Church Members Called
into vocational Ministry:
Pat Collins
Bobby Eggleston
Harold Vick
Frank Page
Charlie Bradham
Ray Hand
Bob and Nancy Parrish
A.L. Stanley
Bobby Eubanks
Chip Holden
Greg Brinson
Kelly Rogers Allen
Mike Underwood
Scott Hedge
Jason Meusel
Karley Hyatt

In 1945, Rev. George Dorsett put up a tent over a sawdust floor at the corner of Glenwood and Willora Streets to hold an evangelistic meeting. This meeting was an answer to prayer as several Christians that lived in the community desired for help to reach their community with the Gospel of Christ. Approximately thirty people gave their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ through salvation during this revival meeting. After a period of time, Rev. George Dorsett built a small frame style wooden building to replace the worn out tent so that God’s people would have a more permanent place of worship. In August of 1947, Southside Baptist Church was organized with thirty charter members. In the Fall of 1947, the small church requested membership to become a part of the Piedmont Baptist Association, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and the Southern Baptist Convention. The church was accepted to become a member of all three denominational entities. In 1951, the small frame wooden building was cut in half and moved to the corner of Freeman Mill Road and Interstate 40. The building was reassembled for worship to expand in southern Greensboro.
On March 13, 1955, the church voted to build a new brick building. This building was built by many of the church members.  The building was completed and the first worship service was held in this facility on September 16, 1956. This building was contracted at $85,000. The church was led to save $10,000 before beginning the building project.
On January 7, 1963, the church voted to build an educational building as an addition to the church. This building was used to teach God’s word to his disciples through Sunday School and Training Union. This addition cost the church $76,000. While meeting in this building the church began a Vietnamese Mission Church in 1987.
In 1980, the church became aware that Freeman Mill Road would become NC Highway 220 and that the front entrance to the church building would be closed. After a period of prayer, the church worked tirelessly to set aside $900,000 to help the church prepare for relocation. The church family struggled to find property for a new facility for several years. Finally, the property on Greenhaven Drive became available and plans were put in motion to build a new facility. In August of 1987, a ground breaking ceremony was held for the current building. The first service was held in this building in November, 1988. The church worked very hard to pay the debt of this building. On August 12, 2001, a note burning service was held and Southside became debt free. In 1993, the church purchased 4 acres beside the facility for future growth. In 2005, the Sunday School rooms and fellowship hall were remodeled. In 2006, the bathroom and hallways were remodeled. In 2007, the sanctuary was remodeled.
 In 2008 a new steeple was erected. Today, the church is working diligently to pay the debt for the renovation. We have a goal to be debt free by December of 2014. From 2006-2009, Southside sponsored Water of Life Community Church, an African American mission, and in 2010, Friends of God Church, a Hispanic Mission, to hold their services in our facilities.